Observ 520


We have found that a thorough skin consultation is just as, if not more important, than the treatment of your skin concerns.  In order to make our consultations more meaningful, an individual skin consultation will take place using the latest technology our OBSERV imaging machine.


This device offers the ability fo you to see your own skin and what is happening beneath the surface.  Not only will we now be able to see your skin better, we will be able to treat it better too.


A Bliss Advanced Skin Consultation provides an in depth examination of your skin, from the surface to the deepest levels. A series of 6 images will be taken using our OBSERV imagining technology.  This treatment allows your therapist to take the time to thoroughly discuss your skin goals and concerns while creating the perfect treatment plan for your skin health.

In taking up this treatment you will receive a $50 Voucher off your first Prescriptive Facial.