Dermalux LED Light Therapy

Dermalux® LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a safe non-invasive cosmetic procedure used to gently activate the cells creating wonderful results.
Benefits of Dermalux LED Light Therapy:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates, regenerates, collagen and elastin
  • Repairs skin damage, aids in wound healing and scar prevention
  • Increase cellular activity, circulation
  • Tones and firms
  • Reduce photo ageing, sun damage, age spots
  • Attacks acne causing bacteria ( FDA approved )
  • Reduce inflammation, redness and erythema
  • Reduces scars and uneven skin texture
  • Treats Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Vitiligo
  • Gentle skin rejuvenation, reduce pore size
  • Repairs skin damage, aids in wound healing & scar prevention

Multi Award winning Dermalux® is the latest generation in LED Light Therapy combining clinically proven wavelengths of light delivered at safe, therapeutic doses to naturally stimulate skin rejuvenation and resolve problem skin conditions for the face and body.

LED Phototherapy has long been known for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Research demonstrates that it increases collagen production, destroys acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves skin tone, texture and clarity and eases muscular and joint pain. Unlike more invasive procedures that work as a result of the body’s response to trauma, LED Light Therapy is a safe and year round treatment option for all skin types without discomfort or downtime.

What can LED Light Therapy Treat?
✦Skin Rejuvenation: fine lines, complexion and texture
✦Acne prone skin

✦Inflammatory conditions
✦Relaxation, wellbeing and mood lifting

✦Rosacea, redness and flushing
✦Dehydrated and lack lustre skin
✦Accelerated healing and pain relief



The perfect treatment for those short on time while seeking maximum results.


Add on a Dermalux LED Light Therapy session to any of our facial services and welcome the results.


Six Sessions of Dermalux Power Facials*                                   $575

(includes one complimentary)