Bliss Specialised Facials


Bliss offers an extensive range of facial treatments to meet any skin care needs.

DE-OX C Evolution – $155

For skin that has been exposed to the sun, pollutions or temperature changes and is in need of tone and luminosity. DE-OX is the first antioxidant facial treatment, with nanostructures that offers a real Global Shield against the action of free radicals protecting the skin’s youthfulness and giving it a new found freshness. This treatment consists of Vitamin C and five powerful antioxidants to give the skin compactness, elasticity and luminosity.

Primaluce Facial – $145

For uneven skin tone, problematic skin or skin needing a radiance boost. Renew your skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, open pores, uneven skin tone and texture. New generation AHA’s, PHA’s and a whitening complex provides the skin with renewed splendour, leaving it smoother and clearer. A gentle but effective peel treatment for skin lacking radiance. Enjoy this facial as a stand alone treatment or book a six week programme to maximise the results!

Desense Facial – $145

For sensitive, couperous and reactive skin. A paraben and allergen free treatment which provides an immediate and long lasting relief to the skin through several specially formulated functions. An anti-redness complex controls the main cause of inflammation. The skin’s barrier function is restored, strengthened and the tolerance threshold is increased to help make it less sensitive to external agents. Capillaries are protected and less visible, improving the brightness of the complexion.

Lifting Code – $175

For dry, dehydrated skin with fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate in anti-aging facial treatments suitable for all skin types. This super-deluxe treatment provides multidirectional tightening, filling and lifting effects by defining the profile of the face and neck, firming the skin and providing moisture within. This is a truly luxurious experience whilst obtaining maximum anti-aging results.

AG3 Beauty Secret – $165

For all skin types, essential for mature & tired skin. Using a unique combination of 3 active ingredients, a mosaic and ionic release technology system, AG3 Beauty Secret acts directly on the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity, to restore skin’s natural balance. By using acupressure, lymphatic draining and relaxing massage techniques, AG3 Beauty Secret facial treatment helps to awaken the vital code of the skin leaving it smooth and velvety for timeless beauty.




Why not add Microdermabrasion or Dermalux LED Light Therapy to your facial?

Add Microdermabrasion to any facial $40

Add Dermalux LED Light Therapy to any facial for $55